Scrambled duck eggs with truffle

Come on sometimes you got to live a little, or in this case a lot. Get luxurious and add some truffle carpaccio to your brunch. This recipe is quick and simple but just divine darling! Head to to get yours today!

Scrambled duck eggs with truffle


Serves 6



12 Duck eggs (hen’s are fine though)

300g Salted butter

150g Cream

1 tbs. Truffle carpaccio

1 tsp. Oil from carpaccio

1 tsp. Salt flakes

1 tsp. Cracked pepper

1 Brioche loaf cut into 8 thick slices




To start cut your brioche in to 8 large slices, discarding the ends. Place under your grill on a medium heat, turning as they start to turn golden and toasted. No need for butter the eggs have plenty.


Crack duck eggs into a large bowl and whisky well for 2 minutes.  Add your butter to a large frying pan & place on a medium heat, just as the butter is almost melted add your whisked duck eggs. Using a wooden spoon run along the bottom of the pan in a figure 8, scraping the side of the pan as you go. Once the eggs just start to get firm add your cream & salt. Once your eggs are almost done turn off the heat and stir through truffle slices, leave a couple for garnish.


To serve place brioche toast in the middle of the plate, top with a large spoonful of your eggs, garnish with cracked pepper, truffle slice and a drizzle of the truffle “juice”.


And why not get super luxurious and enjoy with a glass of bubble, for the perfect brunch.