Lyrakis Family Extra virgin olive oil with Rosemary


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The Lyrakis Family from the beautiful island of Crete, Greece have been making extra virgin olive oil for generations. Still family owned and operated, the Lyrakis Family have managed to create a harmonious balance of tradition and modern technology to produce a consistent quality product every time.

The Lyrakis Family and the island of Crete is well known for providing some of the most nutritionally rich extra virgin olive oil in the world because of the lack of pollution, organic growing methods and the fresh sea breeze from the turquoise Mediterranean Sea that surrounds the island.

Unlike most, the Lyrakis Family organically flavour their olive oils with fresh ingredients, meaning a true depth of flavour in every pour. Thus, you can turn any dish into a great dish with simply a pour!

Lyrakis Family Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rosemary is organically flavoured with beautiful sprigs of Greek rosemary. The rich woody flavour of the rosemary is brought up by the fruity olive oil to make a perfect balance. A winter staple, this deep and rich olive oil works to finish off slow cooked dishes, especially lamb.

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