Strozzapreti pasta




How the hell do you pronounce Strozzapreti? Like this: Stroh-tzuh-pray-tee, strange name we know, but even stranger is what it means, it literally translates to Priest-Strangler! Now don’t let that put you off, there a many legends of how this delicious pasta got its name from glutinous priests to a classic after Church dish, to well a lot darker, but we won’t go there. Hailing from the Tuscan region, Strozzapreti is a traditional style pasta dating back all 100’s of years.

Strozzapreti is so traditional always hand made. The long slithers of pasta a rolls and twisted slightly to make a tube, its also light pasta and rolled thinner than most. Being so light and delicate Strozzapreti is served with traditionally pork dishes, or there is the Sunday favourite of Strozzapreti with Artichoke, no wonder the priest where so gluttonous!

Our Pasta Belly pasta isn’t made in a big factory by a load of machines, it’s actually hand crafted in the beautiful Margaret River. With each bite you’ll know your belly is getting a pasta made by true pasta enthusiasts. And with all fresh local ingredients, like eggs from the happy little chooks at the end of the garden and highest quality gluten free flours, just as Nonna would have wanted.

 So not only does Pasta Belly pasta taste great but you’re supporting local business that want to keep the art of true artesian pasta making alive and well.