Puttanesca pasta sauce by gourmet gateway



Puttanesca is an Italians go to late-night dish that might be how it got its unusual name, but we’ll let you look that one up! Filled with Mediterranean staples it’s got everything but the kitchen sink in it, but this sauce is no easy feat, it’s a perfect balance of the bold flavours of sweet tomatoes, earthy olives, salty anchovies and zesty capers! This harmony of flavours can be enjoyed any time of day.

Pasta Belly pasta sauces aren’t just any old shop bought sauce, nope, this is a jar of pure goodness made with pasta passion in the beautiful seaside town of Margaret River. We use traditional techniques for a full authentic flavour, just like Nonna. Also we like to keep it clean using locally grown ingredients and no nasty preservatives, our pasta sauces will leave you with one happy belly!