Fusilli pasta



Our Fusilli pasta will have you going around the twist! This King among pastas originated in the 16th Century, in Southern Italy. The name Fusilli actually means little Wheel in the old dialect.

 Fusilli cork screw shape makes it the King of versatility, the spirals are perfecting for catching any sauce and lots of it. It’s so flexible it even pops up in Summer salads lathered in fresh pesto or creamy pasta salad sauce. Taking Fusilli home leaves you with a world of delicious recipes to try.

Our Pasta Belly pasta isn’t made in a big factory by a load of machines, it’s actually hand crafted in the beautiful Margaret River. With each bite you’ll know your belly is getting a pasta made by true pasta enthusiast. And with all fresh a local ingredients, like eggs from the happy little chooks at the end of the garden and high quality durum wheat, just as Nonna would have wanted.

 So not only does Pasta Belly pasta taste great but you’re supporting local business that want to keep the art of true artesian pasta making alive and well.