What you need to know about Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

So, what’s the difference!

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It’s something from time to time we have thought about at some point in our lives.

When were strolling down the aisle of our local Gourmet Deli or perhaps a Coles or IGA and looking between the price of olive oil and Extra Virgin olive oil.

We sometimes ask ourselves So, what’s the difference!

Lets start with Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil tastes better! 

Extra Virgin olive oil is a unrefined oil and is the highest quality of olive oil you can purchase and its better for us!

There are a whole range of quality standards it must meet to call it a Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is because of the way its made, extra virgin olive oil retains a true olive taste and lower oleic acid than the standard olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains more natural vitamins and minerals so you look and feel better. 

Extra -Virgin Olive Oil is considered to be unrefined because its not treated with chemicals or altered by temperature. What else sets apart oils is the low oleic acid and the absence of sensory flaws. It contains no more than 1% oleic acid and can have a golden or green colour it always has a distinct flavour and a light peppery finish.

World class Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has these desires,  Gourmet Gateway Premium Extra Virgin olive Oil have these flavours and also World class awards to go with.

When you purchase a Gourmet Gateway products your not only getting the quality, your getting the awarded harvest batch, not just the company award.