Monte Rosso EVOO: the key to elaborate dining

Olive oil is one of the most versatile pantry staples to keep at hand.

Monte Rosso EVOO: the key to elaborate dining

Olive oil is one of the most versatile pantry staples to keep at hand. When it comes to choosing the right one, you might find yourself facing a long and tiring quest that includes many bottles you may regret buying and many dishes that you wish had turned out differently. We have been there too, which is why Gourmet Gateway is on a mission to bring amazing products to you. After all, life is too short not to fully enjoy every single meal.


For a variety of reasons, one of our current favourites is Monte Rosso’s EVOO. The olives for this product are grown in the Northernmost part of the Croatian Istria, a mere 300m from the sea. This perfect Mediterranean climate makes for some intensely aromatic olives. All stages of the production – from planting, picking, pressing, and processing, to bottling and packaging – take place on this very spot. The love that is poured into every drop shines through the result.


The origin is, however, not enough for us to cheer for a product. But the amazingly authentic taste of green fruits, herbs and fresh hints makes all the difference and is something you can always expect from Monte Rosso. Its aroma is delicate, endowed with notes of mint, rosemary, black pepper and almond and makes it an EVOO not to be missed. Something you would expect to find in a Gold Medal awarded EVOO.


Does the taste justify the price, though? Why not choose a much more affordable EVOO from your local supermarket? Simple: there are not many products that are so versatile. Monte Rosso’s EVOO is a true allrounder that cannot go wrong: With a pure flavour, moderate bitterness and a pleasant spicy note, this amazing EVOO pairs wonderfully with barramundi, artichoke salads, roasted radicchio, lentil puree, pasta with porcini mushrooms, bruschetta and grilled poultry. From the salad to the finest dessert, Monte Rosso will be your best choice. It helps create a delicate thread that links all courses of a menu and rounds off every dish.


Truly every dish? We have put this to test and used it in a few dessert ideas you can find on our blog. The result was simple: the subtle note of the EVOO gave them a richer, fuller and more complex flavour. Try Monte Rosso’s EVOO yourself and taste the difference!


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