Luxurious Chocolate Coffee pots

We know Easter over but doesn’t mean the chocolate-fest has to stop. What better way to enjoy your chocolate than with a rich coffee flavour and good old caffeine hit! This recipe is easy but super impressive when plated in your finest china cups, always best served with a freshly brewed pot of Gourmet Gateways locally roasted coffee.

Luxurious Chocolate Coffee pots


250g of Dark chocolate

2 Espresso shots made with OHHHHH Velvety coffee beans

1 Cup of thicken cream

¼ Cup Caster sugar

2 Tbs Rum

1 Tsp. Cinnamon


To serve

Tea cups

Whipped cream

Dutch coco

OOOOHHHH Velvety whole coffee beans



Find a small saucepan and fill to about the quarter mark with water, place on the hob and turn to a medium heat. Find a mixing bowl that fits on the saucepan without the base touching the water, creating a Bain-marie.

While that heats up add your dark chocolate in small bits the bain-marie bowl , stir constantly till the chocolate is smooth and melted. Quickly pour in your caster sugar, cream, GG coffee shots, rum and cinnamon stirring as you go. Before the mixture cool pour into your fanciest tea cups, leaving room for the foam to serve. Chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

When you’re ready to serve top each with a dollop of cream, to act as your foam, dust with coco and decorate with delicious Gourmet Gateway coffee beans and there you have it a luxurious coffee dessert.

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