Asian Style Bone Broth

Asian Style Bone Broth

We’ve all heard the buzz about bone broth, but have you ever made your own? Specialty supermarkets are charging big bucks, but it’s super easy and cheap to make at home. This version has the added elements of Asian flavouring to make it a flavourful dinner idea.

Asian Style Bone Broth


1.5 kg Grass Fed Marrow bones

1 Tbs. Lyrakis Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tbs. Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tsp. Salt Bae Pyramids

2 x Whole Star Anise

1 Tsp. Whole Pepper Corns

Whole Bulb of Garlic

1 x Thumb Size Piece of Ginger

1 x Red Chilli

¼ cup of fish sauce

¼ cup soy sauce


To Serve

250g Udon Noodles

1 Bunch of Bok Choy

4 Enoki Mushrooms

4 Spring Onions



To get started preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Then place your bones in a large roasting tin drizzle over the Lyrakis olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. You want to then bake them for 30 minutes to enhance the meaty flavour.

Remove the bones from the oven, and place in a large soup pot. There will also be a load of goodness stuck to the roasting dish, you want to scrape that into your pot, so while the roasting tray is still hot pour in the apple cider vinegar, and deglaze, us a wooden spoon to get any tricky bits.

Then start adding the rest of your based broth ingredients, garlic bulb, ginger, chilli & celery – Don’t peel any of them, just wash and cut into rough chunks.

Once your vegetables and flavourings are in add your pepper corns, star anise, soy & fish sauce, then top with water till the bones & vegetable are just covered. At this point you can use a slow cooker or pot on the stove either way you need to bring the broth to the boil and then allow it to simmer for around 6 hours.

After about 6 hours, you want to strain everything out so you’re left with a rich both (the veg is still edible and can make a great puree). You can do with a sieve in batches, once the broth has cooled slightly. This can now be stored in a container till you’re ready to serve.

To serve add thinly sliced mushrooms, udon, sliced bok choy and bring the broth back to the boil, simmer for 5 minutes and top with sliced spring onion, and there you have a healthy and nutritious dinner for four!