A guide to healthy fat eating!

For centuries, fat has been portrayed as being especially bad for us.

A guide to healthy fat eating!

It is a common thing to hear lots of healthy advice from people such as ‘get rid of the fat from the skin or eat low-fat spread, even just eat lean meat and no fat.

But you see, no entire food group needs to be (or should be) completely removed from our diet and fat is no ­exception. Each cell in the body requires fatty ­acids to absorb ­vitamins A, D, E and K.

Fat with food adds taste and it’s an ­important energy source.

We need fat to support our natural growth, keep skin healthy, protect our vision and boost our immune ­functions.

Fat helps our brains function ­normally too. And we should eat a healthy balance of naturally occurring fats to get all of these benefits.

We’ve put together a brief summary about fat-health-levels from bad to best.


Tran’s fatty acids (TFAs),

Do you know that initially this fat was created to make candles?

TFAs do not just lower your “good” cholesterol level, they simultaneously raise the “bad”. You can find it in deep fried food (watch out for your chips!), frozen meats and desserts, shortening, etc. Make sure you read the label first during your food shopping!


Saturated fats

These are the most traditional source of fat and is largely animal-based. It is seen as a bad fat because too much of it will contribute to hardening and narrowing of the arteries. But guidelines tell us that we are still okay to consume this if less than 11% of our daily fat intake.

Saturated fat can be found in meats, ­butter, cheese, cream and of course any food made from these ingredients.


Unsaturated fat

Now whether it is mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated, these are considered as good fats. You can find these fats in most nuts, avocado pears, ­extra virgin olive oils and fish oil which contains the richest source of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Unsaturated fat is believed to lower cholesterol and may assist in reducing heart disease. It also provides essential fatty acids for healthy skin and the development of body cells.

Premium extra virgin olive oils are the easiest way to create a flavorful food without risking your health due to fat. Know your eating the right fat and enjoy your meal!